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Our community is inspired and unified in maintaining a constructive and sustainable drive for empowerment. Our youth uphold an understanding of their heritage with a dignified respect for other cultures. This awareness allows us to develop a strong foundation to foster and engage youth in becoming healthy decision-makers and becoming successful and productive adults determined to create a positive social change throughout their lives. We support our schools to serve as community centers to meet all the needs of our youth to provide intense academic, social and enrichment support.


  • Provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for youth.
  • Respect the cultures of our youth and their families.
  • Nurture and develop compassionate youth leaders.
  • Support staff in creating a supportive atmosphere in their work with youth.
  • Support staff and community members in maintaining an organized environment.
  • Develop and maintain caring relationships with our youth.
  • Our staff will connect to and establish caring relationships with our youth.


LIBRE Youth Program

The LIBRE (Leading the Independence of our Barrios for Raza Empowerment) Program fosters Oakland Latino student leadership and engagement within the community. The program, which annually serves 100 middle and high school youth focuses on students who have demonstrated high-risk behaviors such as truancy, gang involvement, and suspension or expulsion due to violence. LIBRE serves youth year-round, including a summer bridge program that seeks to develop youth leaders and mentors who will learn to make better life decisions and contribute to a healthier community.

    Program Vision:
    The vision of LIBRE is that every youth will reengage in his or her education and develop the consciousness to be part of positive community activity.

    Program Goals:
  • Increased ability to ask for help as a result of forming healthy relationships with caring, reliable adult mentors.
  • Increased self-awareness and ability to make healthy decisions.
  • Increased awareness of how one’s actions impact the community and the detrimental implications of gang involvement.
  • Increased motivation to succeed in school

Pathways After-School Program at Lazear Elementary School

The Pathways after-school program at Lazear Elementary School provides students with comprehensive supports in a safe learning environment. Students receive academic instruction in literacy, math and science, in addition to enrichment activities that include visual arts, sports, dance and leadership.

Program Vision:
With the guidance from our staff, every Pathway student will gain the self-confidence to develop the leader within them toward academic achievement.

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