Legal Services

Our citizenship and immigration services are designed to help families and youth navigate the process of becoming responsible and productive citizens of the United States. We assist clients with their citizenship application, offer English/citizenship classes, provide tutoring focused on interview skills. Our staff educates and encourages clients to participate in the democratic process by assisting with voter registration, voter education workshops, and participating in various immigrant rights advocacy efforts.

Immigration Consultations

Every Wednesday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, program staff give detailed information on legal immigration remedies, application procedures, fees and the time frame. 30-minute consultation. The service is provided for a fee ($50) by a licensed Immigration Attorney at the Spanish Speaking Citizens' Foundation site.

Call for information at (510) 261-7839.

TPS for Salvadorans - Extension and Re-registration Period

As you may know, the designation of El Salvador for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has been extended until March 9, 2025. Existing TPS beneficiaries who wish to extend their status must re-register during the 60-day re-registration period starting on July 12, 2023. We want to assist those members of our community in applying for the re-registration of their TPS timely. Please see the attached flyers for more information.

This extension allows existing TPS beneficiaries to retain TPS through March 9, 2025, so long as they otherwise continue to meet the eligibility requirements. The important dates to consider are as follows (from the USCIS website):


  • Extension of Designation of El Salvador for TPS: The 18-month extension of TPS for El Salvador begins on September 10, 2023, and will remain in effect through March 9, 2025. The extension impacts existing beneficiaries of TPS under the designation of El Salvador.
  • Re-registration: The 60-day re-registration period for existing beneficiaries runs from July 12, 2023, through September 10, 2023.

Similar processes will take place later this year for:

  • Honduras and Nicaragua for 18 months, from Jan. 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025
    • (60-day re-registration period from Nov. 6, 2023, through Jan. 5, 2024); and
  • Nepal for 18 months, from Dec. 25, 2023, through June 24, 2025
    • (60-day re-registration period from Oct. 24, 2023, through Dec. 23, 2023).

Existing TPS beneficiaries who wish to extend their status must re-register during the 60-day re-registration period for their country’s designation. Please do not re-register for TPS until the re-registration period for your country begins. For now, we are focusing our outreach on the Salvadoran community, since their re-registration is fast approaching.

For more information and/or to schedule an appointment for a community member, please call us at 510-261-7839, or you may email Ricardo Beyloune at