Spring Enrichment: Celebrating Achievements and Highlights

Throughout this semester, we discussed a diverse amount of topics, each offering enriching insights and new knowledge.

We started the semester by learning about Cesar Chavez, exploring his legacy and the impact of his activism. One standout experience was a jury duty activity, where students were presented with a scenario involving a labor strike and a shooting on private property. Students assumed roles as plaintiffs, defendants, or members of the jury, engaging in intense collaboration to come up with compelling arguments.

As the semester progressed, we explored taxes and public policies, giving students a chance to share their views on where tax money should go. This provided students with an overview on how the government works and our role as citizens. We also discussed important topics like mental health, self-care, and managing personal finances. We had guest speakers who shared their experience on multiple topics, opening up new perspectives and enriching our discussions.

Alongside our academic endeavors, students got creative with hands-on activities like sculpting with play-dough and painting. These activities not only let students express themselves but also brought us closer, building a strong sense of community and friendship.

As the semester ended, we paused to look back on our favorite memories and the knowledge we gained. This semester was highlighted by the presence of the interns from Arise High School, who collaborated, and in some cases, led classes and activities. We look forward to building on these experiences and continuing to learn and grow together.

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