Visit to EHDD Architecture: A Day of Learning and Inspiration

Our visit to EHDD Architecture was nothing short of fascinating, leaving us with a profound sense of amazement and opening our minds to numerous new career possibilities. The enthusiasm and excitement from both the youth and the staff members made our visit to EHDD Architecture a truly remarkable experience. The welcoming environment set the tone for an eventful day of exploration and learning.

One of the most captivating aspects of our visit was the discovery of the rich diversity within the EHDD team. Their varied backgrounds, experiences, and expertise served as a profound source of inspiration for all of us. We gained insights into various departments and career paths available within their firm, including finance, design, and software development.

The staff's warm hospitality made us feel genuinely valued and encouraged throughout our visit. We extend a special thanks to Michelle Peckham for facilitating this experience for us, Evelyn Garate for her translation and for sharing her personal journey, and Harcoover Singh Bhatti for his insightful account of his own experiences. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to the firm for treating us to a delightful lunch.

Our visit to EHDD Architecture proved to be a day filled with inspiration, learning, and fascination. The diverse team and exposure to new career paths highlighted the vast potential within the field of architecture. We sincerely appreciate this enriching experience and extend our heartfelt gratitude to EHDD Architecture for granting us this exceptional opportunity.

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