Vamos a Pescar - Lake Chabot

We had an amazing opportunity to learn how to fish and spend a day on the lake at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. It was an exciting and educational experience for everyone involved. The day started with a brief training session where the youth learned about fishing techniques, equipment, and safety tips. They were taught how to cast a line, tie a hook, and reel in a catch. The youth were eager to learn and asked lots of questions, showing their enthusiasm for the activity.

Throughout the day, the youth caught a variety of fish, including trout, bass, and catfish. They were proud of their accomplishments and took many pictures to capture the memories. They also learned about the importance of catch-and-release, as they returned the fish to the lake to maintain its ecosystem. The day ended with a feeling of success and accomplishment. The youth had not only learned how to fish but also gained new skills, friendships, and experiences. Many of them expressed a newfound appreciation for the outdoors and a desire to continue fishing in the future.

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